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Justin Grotheer Therapy

Encouraging Wholeness, Connection, and Wellbeing

Green Hills

Experiential Therapy

Welcome, I'm glad you're here! It’s ok to feel stuck or overwhelmed, and to ask for help. My expression of therapy is focused on experiencing moments of healing and insight that translate to improved well-being. Along the journey, I teach you the skills you need to sustain the change when we're done.

“Learning to love ourselves whole


Or for the first time.

To see the best of me

that is already here

Embrace it, know that it is true

And live boldly from it.”

-Justin Grotheer

excerpt from Two Shorten the Road

Working with Me

Contact Me

Justin Grotheer, LMFT, PLMFT

Names are hard, here's some help: Just-in Grow-ther

1511 Westport Rd., Suite A

Kansas City, MO 64111

(913) 216-4980

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