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Justin Grotheer, LMFT, PLMFT

Names are hard, here's some help: Just-in Grow-ther

1511 Westport Rd., Suite A

Kansas City, MO 64111

(913) 216-4980

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Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is a crucial step in beginning a successful therapy journey. But how can you really know if you are a good fit until you sit in a room with them and do some therapy? It’s a conundrum! My solution is to offer my first session on a trial basis; if the first session feels good and we continue with therapy, I charge for that session and we book our next sessions. If the first session doesn’t feel like a good fit, I do not charge a fee, and you can continue your search. That way, your resources to go toward therapy—not finding a therapist.

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1511 Westport Rd., Suite A

Kansas City, MO 64111


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